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Welcome to Air Malta Virtual !

If you are looking for a virtual airline that simulates the operations of Air Malta, then you came to the right address.

Air Malta Virtual simulates:
1. Present Air Malta timetable (A320 Neo, A320, A319).
2. Classic Air Malta Operations (B720,B737-200,B737-300,B737-400,RJ70, BAC 1-11,A310).

What makes Air Malta Virtual different from other existing virtual airlines:
1. Membership is always free.
2. An Airline that simulates the present and classic timetable of Air Malta.
3. A rankingsystem that no other virtual airline has.
4. Pilots and Aircraft have their own logbooks.

In case you have more questions or require information, feel free to contact us and we come back to you as soon as possible :)


Pilots 96
Aircraft in fleet 55
Routes 647
Total hours: 45.74
Flights total 34
Flights Regular 32
Flights Charter 2
% Flights Regular 94.12 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
AMC094Liam Morley  EGLL  LMML 2023-05-15 3.00
AMC094Liam Morley  LMML  EGLL 2023-04-28 3.05
AMC094Liam Morley  LIRF  LMML 2023-04-14 1.08
AMC094Liam Morley  LMML  LIRF 2023-04-07 1.34
AMC094Liam Morley  EDDP  LMML 2023-04-07 2.37


AMC096-Luis Lopez2023-04-13
AMC095-D D2023-04-09
AMC094-Liam Morley2023-04-03
AMC093-Giovanni Viscovich2023-03-27
AMC092-Frederick Fleuren2023-03-23





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